No identifying information beyond the studio mark. Found in Blount County, Tennessee

This is Cady Williams. Only her name is on the back but the studio where the photo was taken was Bond in Augusta. I found Cady in a shop in Black Mountain, North Carolina.
I have no information about the family in this photo. I suspect it was taken in the early 1900's. I found it in Knoxville Tennessee

This is one of several similar photos I acquired from Wildwood Florida. I was told that they came from a scrapbook from the Northwest Territories. If you look closely at the sign it says "Joe C Demit" and I think "North {?} Alaska FE 1943(?)". There is no other identifying information.

No identifying information at all.  Found in a shop in Towsend in Blount County, Tennessee

I  found this picture in Knoxville, Tennessee. It has a studio mark, "Judd Chattanooga". At one time it also had more identifying information written on the back. For some reason that is beyond me someone in recent possession of the picture erased everything that was written. Fortunately they didn't do a complete job and with the help of some folks at the RetouchPro forums, we figured out at least part. The inscription starts with the word "Cousin". Several parts are missing but the inscription seems to include the names "Stewart Cook" (which is proceeded by a word that may be "Sarah" )and "age fifteen years"  and "friend"  or "friend of". Click here if you want to try and see if you can decipher more.

I obtained this picture from Maryland. No identifying information at all