These are pictures I've found in flea markets, antique stores and yard sales. It always seems a shame to me that the pictures have become disconnected from their families. Some of them are just great pictures whether you have a connection to the person or not. I've gathered the ones that appealed to me. Some I've restored and repaired and some I've colored. Some (the smaller thumbnails) are just raw scans of the pictures. I've put them up here with the information I have. When I modified a picture I have included the original as well. Should anyone actually know anything more about any these folks please contact me. All the images here are actually thumbnails; click on them for a larger version. I ask that you remember that these photos represent a great deal of time and work on my part. If you wish to copy or otherwise use them, please email me first. Depending on what you want to do with it, I'll be glad to send you the file you are interested in.

This fellow is John H. Tarbell. I found his photo near Greenville North Carolina. It  has a bit more information that most of the others. On the back it is signed " Cousin Kate A. Tarbell With sincere regards of John H. Tarbell. Christmas 1927 Jacksonville Fla.


The studio mark says the photo was taken in Richmond VA. No other identifying information. I found it in Sevier County Tennessee 

There is no information about this man. The photo came framed in a larg grey cardboard folder with the studio mark "C.R. Smith Portland, ME." I found it in Blount County Tennessee .

There is no identifying information about the girl in this photo.  I found it in Knoxville Tennessee

I have no information about these boys. Certainly they look like brothers. I suspect the photo dates to the early 1900's. I found it in Knoxville Tennessee

No identifying information beyond a  studio mark from Cincinnati.  Found in  Towsend, Tennessee

No identifying information at all. Found in Albuquerque, New Mexico

I obtained this picture via Ebay from Fort Stewart Georga. No identifying information.
The only identification beyond the studio mark from Iowa is a name and date written on the back "Sylvia----March 12 1903." I think that is likely the baby and either the date the picture was traken or her birthday. I found the photo in Santa Fe ,New Mexico
I found this wonderful photo in Albuquerque, New Mexico. On the back is written "Mrs. Chas. Tubb"
I assume that is who this little girl grew up to be.
This photo came from Farmington Arizona. On the front (as seen in the original) is written "Fred Hugh" I don't know if that is one name..Fred Hugh or the first names of both men, Fred and Hugh, I suspect the later. No indication of relationship. They may be brothers or cousins but they don't look much alike. I suspect  they might be proof that Willie Nelson knows what he is talking about.
This photo came from Albuquerque New Mexico. Except for the studio mark from Philadelphia there is no identifying information.